Dirk Lange is internationally recognized for his strategic and operative moves in high performance sport.


Dirk Lange is standing for:








New ways of practising


"Art of Coaching": perfect balance between hard and recovery workouts



He can help to identify individual performance abilities for athletes, unites, sport bodies, organisations and business.

Dirk Lange's trainings concept is based on individual strategies to identify and improve individual abilities of each athlete, each unit and each body in sport and business.

Cameron van der Burgh, Olympic champion 2012, Olympic silver medalist 2016, former World record holder 50 and 100 Breastroke long course and 50 and 100 Breast short course

Shi Jinglin from China Olympic bronze medalist 2016 

Dirk Lange is lecturing at conferences in over 20 countries worldwide in sport and business.


World Aquatics Convention 2012 Moscow : 



Dirk Lange offers strategic consulting in national and international high performance sport organisations, coaching bodies and business.

Dirk Lange is offering clinics for clubs, organisations, coaching bodies and business on any performance level.