Recent and most recent Employments














2011-today        Head Coach High performance centre

                         Graz (Austria)

                          Founder & Head  Coach of "DLP-Project

                          2016" - privat professional training unit

2008-2011         DSV-National Coach                                        

2005-2008        National Coaching Director“/ “Head

                             Coach“ of Swimming South Africa (SSA)


2002-2004        Head Coach of National Training Centre

                         "Hamburg/ Scheswig-Holstein”.


1992-2002        High Performance Coach at 

                           “Olympiastützpunkt Hamburg/



2001 - 2008      Eurosport-TV-CoCommentator


since  1998       Official Coaches Education:

                       DSV  (Deutscher Schwimmverband), 

                        SSA  (Swimming South Africa), 

                        LEN  (European Swimming Federation), 

                        FINA(World Swimming Federation).


since 1998      International Coaching Conferences

  Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden,  

  Denmark, Great Britain, Swiss, Egypt, Italy,

  Germany, UAE, USA


since 1993        Coach at Olympic Games, World and

                       European Championships


1996-2004      Member of German National Team Staff


1999              "DSV-Coach of the Year" in Germany.